pornfs 0.6.9 Released for Linux

By madumlao

Apache foundation has just released a Linux port of pornfs, a user filesystem that hides a porn directory in plain sight.

“The traditional way of hiding porn on Windows is just to stash it under a nested directory with boring names. You know, Desktop\Files\Project Tasks\work\proposals. Nobody would look there”, said Jeremy Wright, spokesman for the pornfs project.

“We’ve long been missing this feature on Linux.”

With pornfs, users can mount porn stashes under an auto-generated hierarchy of directory names.

While users can opt for the traditional ‘work stuff’ approach, pornfs supports many other “stash formats” such as:

  • a docs/ directory
  • renaming movies to README, LICENSING, COPYING
  • a hierarchy of foos, bars, bazzes, etc
  • a .git directory complete with a series of fake commit messages
  • a TODO folder

For added security, pornfs also comes with kernel-level patches to prevent the mounted stashes from appearing on common Unix tools, such as df or mount.

pornfs was originally intended to have been demoed earlier this year at the Open Source Summit Europe, however, the team was mysteriously unable to find their files in time for the event.