Sudo Satirical, the place for all the happenings on the outer in the world of GNU/Linux and FOSS in general.


I don’t like what you wrote about XYZ. Can I sue you?

No, please don’t. Everything here is for the purpose of satire and that is rather obvious… We’re not responsible if you get triggered and your cat somehow explodes.

Can I contribute to Sudo Satirical?

Perhaps, let’s see what you got! Contact details, email etc, coming soon.

The site seems kind of minimal, lots of white space. Where are the ads?

There aren’t any ads and there never was intended to be any. Content is king here, the rest is fairly minimal.

It goes without saying that without ads, there is no revenue stream here. If, however, you would like to support us, there may be some donation options coming soon. Or feel free to contact us via any of our social media links in the meantime.