Calls Intensify for FOSS Program Names to Be More Family Friendly

By Staff Writers

In an increasingly PC-era, your favourite FOSS program might just be the next in line to receive a new name. Amidst fears that users will be “triggered beyond recognition”, certain advocacy groups have called for increased pressure on FOSS creators and maintainers to change their program names in the name of inclusiveness.

One such group, known as Families Against Gratuitous Slang (FAGS), have come forward with what they call a “starting point”.

“Look maybe it was funny or amusing once, when times were different, but now we think it’s time some changes are made,” said Reginald Kiljoy, president of FAGS. “Just look at your typical Linux computer - programs such as GIMP, F-spot and even seemingly innocent names such as Firefox. Who wants to think of setting foxes on fire? It’s even in their logo! Or the webcam application, Cheese. Did the developers ever consider that a vegan might be offended when they open up that application?”

Mr. Kiljoy also believes that stopping at common GUI apps is not enough, citing various CLI applications that he believes are due for new naming. “I can’t help but think of the likes of kill, touch, git, cut, head, mount and my personal non-favourite, fuser, which because of the FOSS program names often starting with a single letter often makes me think it says “f-user”, which is not very nice is it?”

Opponents to the renaming agenda have already been very vocal online, with many users claiming that FAGS’s statement left them feeling violated, and others simply citing that the changes to core utilities especially would cause “catastrophic problems”.

Mr. Kiljoy, however, waves off these claims and is prepared to go one step further. “Honestly, maybe we’ll just fork them all. Maybe even make our own ultra inclusive Linux distro. Who needs all the rest,” he said. “We’ll probably call it something like All Nice Uplifting System Linux.”