New JS Paradigm Deprecates Variables

By madumlao

ECMAscript working group is reportedly having talks regarding a controversial paradigm shift in JavaScript which deprecates variables.

“Last I checked, we have 3 different package managers, 4 or 5 job systems, 4 module formats, 3 inheritance models, 3 timing models, 4 different syntaxes… I don’t see why we should have only 1 variable system.”

The new syntax would allow developers to specify “memory regions” to which they could copy values. Developers would also be able to perform operations on memory regions such as iteration and addition.

“You know who else doesn’t throw away everything every year? Hoarders. JS devs, do you want to be hoarders? Or worse, Unix geeks?” said Barry Able in his keynote presentation at jsconf.

He then showed a picture of Dennis Ritchie.

There are currently 4 implementations of JS memory regions in development, 6 of which are already deprecated.