KDE User in Awe as they Experience Stability for the First Time

By Staff Writers

A KDE Plasma user has been left stunned and in a state of awe in her own home, as she experienced stability on the desktop environment for the first time.

Sandra McNally, 22, reportedly couldn’t believe what she was experiencing after a recent round of updates had downloaded on her computer. Writing frenetically on social media, Ms. McNally expressed her pleasant surprise at what was happening. “It’s finally happened, everyone. I have a stable desktop!” she wrote. “After these latest updates… I just can’t believe it. I even dragged and dropped some items around the applications menu, I dragged widgets all over the screen, I even downloaded some slightly obscure icon sets through the ‘Get New…’ configuration menus… it just all worked. No issues, no glitches at all! This is the greatest day of my life!”

Friends of McNally were just as surprised but pleased for their friend, who apparently “deserves a break after all these years”. One such friend, Richard, was highly skeptical but hoped the situation would persist for Ms. McNally. “Well, to be honest, it’s hard to know whether it’s truly stable,” he said. “Her anecdotal evidence is nice and all, but maybe Sandra is jumping the gun a bit. Who knows, the next major release might just turn things on their head again, this is KDE we’re talking about. But here’s hoping.” When queried on his desktop of choice, Richard was quick to respond. “Definitely not KDE,” he said emphatically. “I use a heavily customised DWM (tiling window manager) session. I’d much rather spend my time customising key binds and tweaking terminal colour schemes than filing bug reports all day for bloated desktops like KDE. I’ll show you some kickass screenshots if you want.”

Another friend, who wished to remain anonymous, was more supportive stating that “neckbeards like Richard don’t appreciate what big software stacks such as KDE” provide hard working people like Sandra McNally. Friends and colleagues of Ms. McNally had even more to say, but unfortunately their social media feeds descended into a war of words over desktop environments that were not suitable for print.

At press time, we had hoped to get an update on Ms. McNally’s KDE experience but she simply stated that she was now installing the latest beta builds, as her current KDE install was just “getting too boring”.