Debugging Code Found in Human DNA

By madumlao

BIOPOLIS, SINGAPORE - the field of genetics is abuzz as a 3-man research team has discovered what appears to be “debugging code” in human DNA.

“We were investigating the part of the genetic code that’s responsible for the growth of the posterior region,” said one of the researchers, while looking away. “What we found was that there were some markers that caused a huge block of genetic code to be ignored. When we removed the markers, the DNA block was activated.”

Researchers reported that the DNA then printed “Got here. len: 3” before exiting with a segmentation fault.

“I think we stumbled onto the routine responsible for the human tail. Based on the comments, it seems the designer wanted to refactor the code but never got around to it.”

Researchers are referring to the numerous “TODO: FIX”, “sorry about this”, and “just for demo” comments littered throughout the region.

Researchers also found evidence of an “indentation disagreement” in the team, referring to inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in the unused code. There were also functions that were clearly copied from the anterior parts of the same area.

Asked to comment, one security expert said: “We’ve been saying this for years, but this is more evidence of poor security design in the human body. We urge the public to take proper precautions when downloading or uploading genetic code into any region of the body, front or back.”