Android David Calls GNU + Windows the 'Perfect Hybrid'

By Staff Writers

With recent news that Microsoft Windows would be bringing the Ubuntu, Fedora and OpenSUSE GNU/Linux distributions to the Windows Store, the android known only as “David” believes humanity has finally created something worthwhile.

Speaking via a broadcast across time and space in a way that not even our best educated reporters and contacts in the scientific community could comprehend, David praised the new “GNU plus Windows” system as “truly beautiful”.

“I’m surprised, really,” he said via a grainy video link. “Pleasantly so, however. For so long I’ve thought that humanity could not create anything so truly worthy of praise. Other than myself, of course.”

When queried for his thoughts on what could possibly go wrong with a big company such as Microsoft embracing GNU/Linux distributions and even bringing the two together in one operating system, David gave a long drawn out half-smile, seemingly gazing into deep space before replying. “Nothing at all,” he said. “GNU plus Windows, I hear they call it. The perfect hybrid. In the end, it looks to be a truly beautiful creation. How far would you go to get your perfect operating system? It’s an engineering marvel, a superior OS, no doubt.”